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About Us

From small beginnings, big movements can grow – especially in the age of the internet.

Patrick Bonello, set up the Whales Revenge website, with the aim of gathering 1 million signatures on an international petition to stop whaling.

The site has reached a landmark - the number of signatures has exceeded 1.2 million.

Patrick was moved to start the campaign by the graphic footage shown on Australian television of Japanese whaling ships killing whales in the Southern Ocean – on Australia’s doorstep.

Like many viewers, he was horrified by the slaughter and frustrated by his apparent powerlessness to stop it. Unlike most of them, he did something about it.

Aware that, in these days of information overload, he would need to provide an incentive for people to visit his site, he created the Whales Revenge game. Reminiscent of the original ‘Space Invaders’ game, Whales Revenge has the player trying to sink whaling ships, while trying to avoid harpoons.

It has obviously worked, as the word has so far spread to more than 200 countries and has even attracted attention from Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund.

Patrick says that the aim of the petition was, first and foremost, to stop whaling, but a secondary aim was to show people that united, individuals can be a force to be reckoned with on the big issues.

He encourages anyone with a concern for the environment – or who enjoys playing a fun game! – to visit, play the game, and tell all their friends to, as well. 

Patrick is available for interviews and/or photo ops and can be contacted by using the contact form.


Whales Revenge Founder: Patrick Bonello
(Please contact Patrick before publishing this image)